Founded in 1997 in Romania, GEDVEC focuses its activities on Navy Ship Agency services, General Ship Supplies and logistic support to Military organizations as well as the imports, sales and surveys of SOLAS approved Emergency Equipment.

GEDVEC S.A. has been awarded the NAMSA port services contract as of 01 July 2011 for all Greek, Turkish and Russian Black Sea ports.  Under this contract GEDVEC has successfully been serving NATO country ships in these countries.

GEDVEC serves the commercial maritime market providing the following items:

Hansson Pyrotechnics.

Inspections of DSB, ZODIAC and FUJIKURA Liferafts.

Sales of DSB liferafts.

Seven Oceans Food and Water Rations

Thanner Hydrostatic Release Units.

Rental and Sales of Jumbo Pneumatic fenders