Land Exercises


Over 25 years of experience of its owners in the military logistics and support market has brought to Gedvec’s notice an increasing need for support functions for troops abroad.  Such civilian support enables the forces to concentrate on their task and relieves them of the unnecessary burden of planning and keeping idle stocks of material required for their daily camp needs.

Our mission is:
1)  To have available the necessary camp materials, ready to be dispatched.
2) To construct the camps or sites within the agreed time frame.
3) To provide the necessary personnel, supplies and maintenance to keep the  camp functional.
4) To finance the purchasing and stock necessary to start the camp or site up in a timely and effective manner.
GEDVEC has handled very demanding support activities to various camps and exercises within the Black Sea area and in Turkey as well as disaster relief camps during the floods in Pakistan.  

We regularly supports land forces during exercises in this area.  Such support includes camp or site management, food supplies, equipment and fuel supplies, PX management, Catering and a myriad of other subsistence requirements.